Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Decorating!

We put our christmas decorations up today! I turn into such a kid this time of year ;)

First we went to buy a tree. The farm shop we were going to get it from didn't have any big enough so we went to Perrywood Garden Centre instead. Got a good sized one, even though we had to pay a little more (I say we, my parents did! Haha) This was the first real tree we've had in well over 12 years, so that's pretty exciting!

I completely failed at taking good photos of the tree. There weren't that many lights on it, which I don't think helped, but we'd used some up on other places around the house and the remaining ones ended up not working :( damn you Tesco.

OK so here's the tree. It's framed pretty nicely in the window of our living room. The striped blinds add a lovely festive touch I think :) the decorations are all gold as well.

Lights on the fireplace (there was a real fire burning while we were decorating (and Home Alone playing) so it was really rather festive!)

A second mini tree out in the garden room (this is where the dogs live though so we don't really trust it to stay overnight!

We bought these cute little birdhouses from Altons Garden Centre a few weeks ago, and I used them in the garland running up the stairs. I also made string garlands with fir cones, and they turned out a lot better than I was expecting. Meant to be getting some more lights for here as well, but battery powered ones because there's not a plug nearby. 

Cute little owly guy:

There's also lights round the top of the stairs:

Finally, a christmas window in the kitchen:

We've also got another tree up in the porch, but due to the light fail we don't have any fairy lights for it yet :(

I also finally got a teacup! I've been wanting one for so, so long but never found one I liked, but I managed to drag my friend Fiona to Battlesbridge Antique Centre where I ended up buying two! And a glass vase thing, I'll upload some photos when I actually get round to taking some :)

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