Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Nail Art.

The 24 nail art pens, which I got from this seller on ebay, I ordered a while ago finally arrived today (pictured above with my many other nail polishes (excuse the crappy photo, it was off my phone)) so my sister and I had some fun trying out some christmas nail art designs.

I already had some photos saved to my laptop, but I've tried to find the original source to many of the ideas we tried out, although ours don't look anywhere near as good as theirs, but then we are novices! Links at the end.

I know these are going to be really unpractical when I go to work next week (I'm temping at Royal Mail, and last week's nails were ruined, as well as cracking all the skin round my nails because they were so dry :( ouch)

I'm not sure I like the idea of having feet on my blog, but my sister tried out the santa design, as well as a snowman snow scene, which is super cute so it had to go on! Also excuse the mess because she wasn't considerate enough to clean up the edges before the photo was taken ;) haha

The idea for the fairy light nails came from here
Gingerbread man from here
Candy stripes from here
Santa nail from here
Snowman and christmas polkadots from here
Various snowflake designs from here, here and here :)

And the ones you can't really see in the photos are pretty much just variations of snowflakes with glitter on top (bit more hardy for work!)


  1. It looks good the 10 different ones altogether.

  2. Yeah? They're all rough and bumpy from the glitter and pens though :S feels funny to touch!

  3. Love the snowman and Santa. They must have taken ages! How are they though, I was thinking about getting some, getting a bit bored of the standard leopard print but worried these wouldn't be great quality. Great job!x

  4. Hey Ruth, I reckon they're going to take a bit of getting used to, need to develop some finesse! The lines aren't very delicate at all and I've seen examples where they are, so a bit of practice with them and I reckon they'd be really good :) plus they were only about 4 quid off ebay, so not bad at all (although I did have to wait a month for them to arrive, boo)


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