Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sold! (more)

Just sold another two items from my Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts :)

A lovely girl, I'll call her H, bought two of the charm bracelets I spent so long making last week. And she clearly has good taste because she bought my two favourite ones - the vintage gold camera charm bracelet and the gold owl charm bracelet (which is now out of stock because I only had one owl charm, but I shall buy some more now I know they're liked!)

I said in the item description that you can choose which fabric you want but she didn't specify so she's going to get the two from the pictures below ;) (again something to make more of now, I like to have one of each fabric made so it can be sent straight out, don't like to keep the customer waiting!)

All packaged up and ready to go:
(although I forgot the mini business card things, oh well)

So that takes my sold items up to a grand total of 5 :) and my two previous buyers both left me 100% feedback, so that's a good sign! Now just to decide if I'm going to give my sister a 50% share of the money (after all I bought all the materials and made the bracelets, and paying for the postage. I think I should just give her the money on items she's made that sell ;) )


  1. these are lovely! Look well made and so professional, the little charms are adorable.

    pollie xo


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