Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sold! (more) (again)

I was excited to get another email saying we'd sold some items from our Folksy store, Wishcatcher Crafts :) so of course I was surprised to then recognise the name of the buyer! Turns out my lovely friend Robyn (who I lived with for two years while at university but sadly don't get to see very often nowadays) bought two charm bracelets for her "tea party loving" sisters! I really hope they enjoy them, and there's an extra little gift on the way for Robyn herself (which I won't post a photo of, just in case she sees this post!)

Due to issues out of my control regarding postage, my parcel sent to 'H' still hasn't arrived, so I'm sending her another bracelet as a free gift for making her wait, and this way we can see if the original parcel has been lost in the mail or if it's just being really slow because of Christmas (although it's now been a week and I posted it first class :S)


  1. Hannah, thank you for your delicate and sincere comment, actually my name is not Ella but you made me so happy. I still don't have job but I have some hopes in this area and also I don't give up my dream to visit UK next summer.

    And a big huuuuuuug for you

  2. Oh ok, well that's what other people seemed to be calling you so I just went with it! Guess I'll have to go back to calling you Bubbles!

    Good luck for your hopes, I hope they become real :)


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