Tuesday, 6 December 2011

*Wishcatcher Crafts.

New items added to mine and my sister's Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts :)

These embroidered quotes are both handmade, by yours truly, including my newly learnt satin stitching skills!
(this quote was actually something said by one of the speakers at my graduation yesterday, and I was feeling very inspired!)

I've been packing up everything I've made so far, because when I sold three items last week I had to remake two of them because I didn't think they were good enough and nothing was packed up, I had no envelopes or anything! So now I'm more prepared, have worked out how to buy postage online so I can have things posted almost straight after they're sold :) much better customer service!
 (these bracelets are a WIP, I've ordered some charms that I'm going to put on them so watch out for them to list in the store!)
The whole collection as it currently stands :) I need to get some bigger bags for the frames (and padded envelopes) and as I previously said the charm bracelets are a WIP so they'll need to be bagged up when the charms arrive. I've put a mini business card thing in each bag, although it's just the logo and doesn't actually have the website or anything on, so that's a bit of a fail which needs sorting out, but it's just something to help buyers remember the store!

So once again, go and check out the store HERE :) Thank you!

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