Sunday, 18 December 2011

Most Recent Flickr Upload.

I've been doing christmas stuff today. Me and mum went to a christmas carol concert (first time I've been to church since I was about eight, felt a bit odd :S) then to the weirdest and creepiest garden centre ever. We're doing a 'present tree' in the front garden (I'll take some photos tomorrow when it's light again) and were looking for lights to go on it, but the tree is quite far from the nearest plug and we can't find any lights with long enough leads, so it might be a lightless tree :( we did find some lights to put round the porch though so it looks a little more festive outside now :)

Until I can do some more in the light, here are some photos from my backlog that I just uploaded to flickr:


  1. such nice photos! did you take these?

    Thank you for your comment, it was so sweet (in both senses because it was about cake ;))

    I'm following your blog because it genuinely looks interesting! :)xx

  2. Lovely photos.

  3. Thanks little t :) I did take them, not any sort of real photographer or anything, it's just a very time consuming (and expensive) hobby!

    And thanks Anita, I'll check out your blog now :)


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