Friday, 30 December 2011

Recent Nail Paintings.

I'm a complete novice, but ever since getting my nail art pens I've been enjoying experimenting with nail art. With new year now upon us I've been looking around for ideas to try.

I've had fun playing around with glitter nails, but they don't feel right so I've changed them everyday since christmas so far!

Some of my previous tries:
There's about four different glitter nail polishes used here, so in the light a load of different colours are picked up :)

These have been on less than 24 hours :S they looked good until the glitter went on, then I think they just looked a bit tacky. Plus I messed a couple of them up. When I have money I plan on investing in some Seche Vite :)

I also don't really know how to take good photos of my own hands (which I don't like anyway) so the photos aren't great, but you get the general idea of what they look like ;)

I'm not really doing anything special for new years, just going to my friend Lee's with a few others, planning to have some drinks and introduce our friend Hannah to some of the films she has somehow missed, even though we talk about them all the time (namely The Inbetweeners, Anchorman and Team America!) I don't think I'm planning to dress up too much, thinking just a lacy purple coloured dress I bought the other day from H&M. It's a colour I don't think I have anything similar to though in terms of nail polish. I'm going to have a look now for something that'll work :)

I also recently did my sister's nails. I used With-Love Nail Polish from Accessorize in Fudge (which I think is ridiculous that the lid is bigger than the rest of the bottle but whatever) and my white nail art pen to do the bows. Very cute :)

 And after some thought (and help from Boom Nails!) I finally settled on a design for my own nails, which doesn't go with my new years dress but is super cute all the same:
(Sorry about the over exposure and out of focus-ness, I did previously mention that I cannot photograph my own nails! :S)

Anyone interested in the colours used?!
Index and middle fingers: Rimmel 60 Seconds in 805 Grey Matter
Ring finger: Collection 2000 Maxiflex in 315 Aztec Gold (with a white undercoat for a lighter look)
Pinkie and thumb: Barry M Nail Paint in 318 Peach Melba
And the nail art pens are from this seller on ebay :)

See some of my previous experiments here, here and here :)

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