Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birthday Update.

It's my birthday today, and I definitely have other things to be doing! However I haven't blogged all week and I kinda miss it! So I thought I'd do a quick update, just to satisfy my longing. 

I've just come back from London with my mum and sister. We went to the London Ice Sculpting Festival, which looked like it would be amazing but was actually a bit of a disappointment. There just didn't seem to be much going on, they'd almost finished sculpting by the time we got there and were covering them up with bubble wrap to stop them melting, so anyone arriving later than us wouldn't have been able to see anything! Oh well, still pretty amazing.

We then went to Westfield Stratford. I'd never been to either Westfields so it was a whole new experience for me! I only really wanted to go to Primark and Forever 21 anyway, which I did and got a few things.

This postcard was just posted on my flickr. I found it in an antiques shop. I bought five others as well, some of them were posted earlier than the First World War! This one didn't have a year on it, but since it has birthday greetings on it I thought it was appropriate :)

In other news....
I started my new job this week. I think I mentioned it in a previous post. It's in financial services, so not what I want to be doing, but it's actually been really fun. Probably because we're still in training so we get like a million breaks and free sweets and hot chocolate! The world of financial services is completely new to me, so my brain's a bit frazzled from all the new stuff I've had to learn, but I got 96% on my first week assessment, so clearly it's gone in! Definitely evidence of my 'fast learner' skills which I often put in covering letters! So I have another week of training learning all about the computer systems and stuff, then I move into what's called the Academy, where everything I do will be monitored until they think I'm good enough to work independently :) apparently the average time to get out of the Academy is three months, so I've got a while and don't have to worry too much about it all.

And that's about all I think. I'm off out for dinner tonight with the family (I think we're probably just going to go to Nando's!) then we're going to see War Horse, which I'm very excited about! The tissues are packed because I know I'm going to cry! Haha I did dinner with my friends last night and we're going 'out out' next weekend, so lots of birthday celebrations, which I like!

Oh and that reminds me, presents! My parents got me a Barbour jacket :) with the exception of my little brother the whole family now has one (that's five of us!) so we're going to look super cool when we go on family walks (which thankfully doesn't happen very often) I guess when you live in the country you have to look the part! I got a green one though, just to be different (they all have black or navy). The rest of my family just gave me little things and money, and most of my extended family don't give us presents after we turn 18, which I'm used to by now (18 was six years ago, oh dear!) and it means I don't have to write thank you letters, which is always a bonus!

So that's all for now. That was a lot of writing! I guess that's the way it'll be now - nothing for a week and a massive wordy post at the weekend. I'll try and avoid that though, well done to anyone who actually read this!


  1. Hope you have a good birthday! Well done with your job too :)

  2. Im following your twitter too!

  3. Yeah my birthday was really good thanks Emily :)


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