Thursday, 5 January 2012

Talk To Me.

Purely 'words' photos in today's Flickr upload. I've still got a backlog to clear and I'm so not in the mood to dig my scanner out to scan in some of my more recent photos, which are still sitting in the camera shop sleeves, just waiting.

It's been crappy weather all day; torrential rain, gail force winds, and now I can hear hailstones hitting my window. I took my dog for a walk earlier and he decided to run away and not come back for 10 minutes, so that put me in a bad mood. And then I watched the video in this article about Kristian Anderson, a cancer patient who lost his battle three days ago and left this beautiful tribute for his wife. Literally made me bawl my eyes out :( partly because it's so sad and beautiful, partly for personal reasons, and just generally because life is so short and easily wasted.

The first photo is a complete contradiction to this video. I like that.

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