Saturday, 21 January 2012

Winter's Not Leaving.

It feels weird to be posting this seeing as it's sunny outside, but it's been so ridiculously cold this week that snow would be the only thing that would make it worth it. Not that I'd be able to enjoy it because I'm now at work everyday!

However, in honour of the cold, I thought I'd post these two photos. I took them a while ago (before christmas) at Perrywood Garden Centre, so unfortunately they're not of real snow, then happened to find them on my mac while I was sorting out some of the folders. I used the Film Grain Kit by Colton Rabon (definitely worth downloading if you have Photoshop. His Light Leak Kit is also amazing) to "sexy them up a bit" (they were very uninspiring digital photos before).

Check them out on my Flickr.

We've been busy over at 27 Kodak Moments (the photography blog I contribute to) queueing up amazing photographers to feature and setting up the 27 Kodak Moments Flickr Group. We're hoping it'll make it easier for people to submit their photos for feature. So please check it out if you like to experiment with photography and would like a feature on a blog!

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