Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Frame Wall.

I'm currently redesigning the wall above my bed. I've had six photo frames up there for the last few months but I've been collecting a variety of different frames and pictures etc to try and mix it up a little.

These photos (all found on we♥it, but some of them not recently so sorry for not knowing the original sources) give the kind of idea of what I want the wall to look like:

It's that random, mixed up, wonky, vintage kind of look.

So this is the wall space I have:
There's also this bit on the back wall with my shot glass collection that I'm thinking of having the frames run over onto.
(I'm meant to be getting a bigger bed, which is why the shelf isn't central to the bed but to the wall - it really annoys me!)

Ideas for the frame layout:
This one doesn't include all of the frames I have, and it's on a bit too much of a slope for my liking. (The sheets of paper are from when I couldn't be bothered to take the other frames off the wall, but I soon realised it wasn't giving me a good enough idea of what the wall would look like)

I quite like this version, I think it uses all the frames. I don't like the one on the very top left though, I think it looks out of place.
It's going to be either this version or version 2, can't quite decide.

Now I just have to decide what to put in each frame! Most of the ones above aren't photos of people, more like arty things and drawings and pretty flowers and stuff, so I think I'm going to go down that route. A couple of the frames have embroidered text in them and the embroidery hoops are just fabric (see them in more detail in my previous post), and the largest portrait frame is going to be my degree certificate (I haven't gotten it framed yet so I'll need to wait and see how big that frame is, it's place is currently being held by another frame from my room) so I think it's best if they're not photos of people. I've got plenty of other frames round my room for that!

Just FYI, the majority of the ornate rectangular frames are from TK Maxx, the basic rectangular white ones are from Poundland, a few are from charity shops, the hoops from my local craft shop and the others from Perrywood Garden Centre. And I made the russian doll :)
You can buy the embroidered quotes from my Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts (along with a load of other pretty, girly things) and I hope to soon bring out a range of products featuring the embroidery hoops, as I think they're lovely :) so watch this space!


  1. This is so cool and such a neat idea, I might start collecting frames. I hate plain walls and these would be a nice quirky change. You've given me some great interior design ideas for when I have my own home :) x

  2. I know, I can't wait to have my own home so I can decorate it however I want. No doubt I'd spend all my money doing that though :S haha

    I'm glad I was able to inspire you :) x

  3. I love looking at other people's walls [and kitchens, and bedrooms, and bathroom, and anything home-related, actually], this was all so inspiring!
    I like version nr 3 best too, dare I say... but if it's just version 1 vs 2, I'd say nr 2, 'cause I think it makes it easier for you to add/change things a little with no need to completely redesigning the whole wall. I don't know if that's even English, anyway, I'm for v. 3 & v. 2! :-)

  4. Yeah version 3 fits on the wall better. I won't be able to go any wider than they look here because I don't want them past the end of the bed, so I think 3 works better to add things above/below. Not that I think I'd add any more frames anyway, it already looks a little crowded to me :S but there is space for a few more little ones if I change my mind :)

  5. Oh, I see :-)
    If this looks a bit crowded to you I guess you really wouldn't want to see my bedroom- the walls look like some underground music venue, with all the flyers and posters and everything!

  6. My old bedroom was like that! I was hoping to keep this room a bit more elegant and tidy, but I just have too much stuff so it always looks crowded!


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