Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Crafty Bits and New Job News.

No Flickr upload for today, I never got round to it :S Instead I've been doing some fun crafty stuff :) I start my new job next week (it's not in design, but I'm at a stage financially where I really can't afford to be fussy, a job's a job. I'll be working with my brother and best friend though so it's not all bad!) so I'm trying to take the opportunity to get some of the stuff I want to do done before I have no time and energy left to do it :(

Anyway, I have a monthly subscription to Making Magazine. I'm almost at the end of the first year, I bookmark a load of things I want to try each month but never actually get round to it, but as I had most of the materials this time I tried a few out. The first one is called a 'Penny rug bouquet', which is basically a bunch of circular felt flowers. Very easy to make and very pretty :) I'm not going to publish the instructions - they're not on their website so I feel like I shouldn't, but you should be able to work out how they're made just from looking at my photos!

There was also this photo on the cover of the magazine:
(the blue post it notes are from all the things I want to try!)
I really love how the embroidery hoops look on the wall, and I've been collecting a mixture of vintage photo frames over the last few months, to mix and match with pretty mirrors and embroidered text on the wall above my bed (I'm just waiting for my degree certificate to be framed then I'll actually get round to putting it all up!) so these will fit nicely.

I got a few different shaped hoops with lovely hooks on the top to hang them up by from the craft shop in my village. I've just put fabric in a couple of them, but I embroidered bunting with the work love on it for the other (I'm thinking about selling this in my Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts, too) oh and added little pink ribbons and pearls/gold beads for an extra little cutesy touch :)
I'm very excited about these all going on the wall :) I also need to select which photos I want to put in the photo frames. There's about 8 in total. I'm thinking of a few of me with my friends, and the rest with some of my photography.

Finally, another project I'm excited about starting is this:
I can't claim any credit for this idea, I was tagged in this photo on flickr by and the bird took flight..., called the 'happiness project'. It's a jar full of words, photos, phrases and drawings that mean something to Ellie, the girl whose Flickr it is, and her best friend, who gave her the jar. I think it's a really cute idea, and as I've now got quite a few photos in my Words Collection on Flickr, I've got plenty of things to go in the jar. It's hopefully going to be something I can look at if I'm ever feeling down and need some cheering up :)

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