Saturday, 5 November 2011

Charity Christmas Cards.

The christmas cards I designed for the NET Patient Foundation are available to buy here :)

My mum ordered a load and they arrived today! They're a lot bigger than we were expecting, but still normal delivery size so that's good. And something clearly went wrong before they got to print because the quality's not great, and it definitely wasn't my design that was LQ, but never mind, they still look good :)

It may be in tiny letters on the back of the card, but my name is on there! That's what I was hoping for :)

Now let the commissions roll in.......haha!


The other design that was available along with mine that was by Baudine (see it in this post) has now sold out. I guess people favour the more traditional when it comes to Christmas, which is completely understandable, but I'd like mine to sell out too! Haha but seriously, it's really good fundraising for the charity if more can be sold. I think some of my friends will be buying some, all my family will be getting them from us and I know my brother's girlfriend has ordered a pack, so it's all really good awareness for the great work the charity does :)

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