Friday, 11 November 2011


Lots going on today!

  • Freelancing Day 3 (part 1)
  • Meeting in London - Visual Taste Collective
  • Freelancing Day 3 (part 2)
  • Updates

Just one job today, with 2 parts, but took FOR-EVER! It was more organisation charts like I've done before, but these ones had to be A2, with passport size photos in, so it was a real struggle getting them to fit, but I did my best. I had to send them incomplete because I ran out of time. I was originally just supposed to be working 9-11 am, but when I came back from my meeting I did another hour and a half. I'm not sure if I'll be paid for that part, but I'm still developing a relationship with the client, and as I didn't finish the job I don't mind not being paid for the second part. Sign of a good worker right?!

So I went to London to meet with this guy to talk about maybe joining the Visual Taste Collective. That was kinda interesting.

I only had the email address for this guy. When I got there, there was a buzzer system to get into the building. His company wasn't on it and there was no reception button, so minor panic, but someone else went in the building and they held the door for me :) Of course then I was in the building with no idea where to go. I sent the guy an email, then spent like 5 minutes on the internet trying to root out a phone number for him, eventually found it but he wasn't picking up, just went straight to voicemail so I left him a message. Meanwhile no one else seemed to go in/out the building and I sent my mum a message asking how long I should wait before just leaving. All in all I was probably waiting about 10 minutes before he finally came down to meet me. I never got the chance to send my mum another message so she was worrying about me the whole time, wondering if I'd just met up with some freak from the internet :S

But anyway, he came down to meet me then took me up to his offices (on the first floor. I'd contemplated going upstairs and wondering around each floor to see if there was any clue where the office was, but I decided that probably wasn't the best idea, not that I really look like a security threat) So he told me a bit about what he was hoping to achieve, asked me to tell him about myself, asked what I believed in (I wasn't expecting this but managed to come up with something) then explained pay and work hours etc. It would be three days a week, in London, and we would only get paid if we persuaded a company to take on a brief, so it wouldn't really be financially viable for me to do it, unless I could get some part-time work for the other days of the week. (But judging how difficult I've found that to be so far I wouldn't bet on it) It does sound like a really interesting project though. Aah the drawbacks of not living in London anymore!

Anyhoo, more positive things....

I've arranged three interviews for next week :) The first is the Royal Mail job, the second is to do some volunteer design work for a charity and the third is for a media technician post for a school (I didn't think I'd even get to interview for this so that's exciting!)
And I got a payslip for the first day of freelancing I did :) feels real now! (Even paying tax :( although I will get that back!)

I've seen some wonderful blogs over the last few days and the lovely girls behind them have inspired me with their amazing work, so I'm really looking forward to doing some illustration and other experimental work this weekend :)

Check out these blogs, you won't be disappointed:

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