Friday, 4 November 2011


There were fireworks at the high school in my village tonight. My sister and I couldn't be bothered to pay to go to them though so we (along with probably about half the village!) just went to one of the side streets surrounding the school to watch for free (naughty!)

We missed more than half of the show though (got the timings wrong) and I missed quite a but more by changing cameras (I had my slr and about 3 film cameras on me!) But I'd read a couple of tutorials about how to capture fireworks on a digital camera and I think they paid off :)

I love this one ^

One of the tutorials I followed can be read here :)

(I've written in the comments what settings I used!)


  1. Spooky that this is exactly what I did tonight, including the 'not being a mug and paying'. Going on a second fireworks outing tomorrow and might take a few of your tips along with me. :)

  2. Haha yeah I want to go out and take some more photos :) now that I've worked out how to do it! It says in the tutorial to use a tripod but I didn't, just put the camera in manual and used the bulb mode, worked fine :) plus the fireworks were all over the sky so I would've missed even more if I had it set up on a tripod.


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