Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Craft.

My mum ordered the book 'Christmas Crafting in No Time' by Clare Youngs, and it came today :)
There's so many adorable things in it I want to make, so along with all the stuff for mine and my sister's shop, Wishcatcher Crafts, I've got a pretty long to do list now!

Some of the crafty bits I really want to make:

The book, complete with post it notes on the pages of all the things I want to try :)

Felt owls, to continue my owl obsession :)

This twig reindeer is just so cute!

(Apologies for the terrible photos, I took them in a hurry!)

This book is definitely worth buying if you're into crafts, and very reasonably priced too.



  1. The owls are so cute! And yes I like the twig reindeer too ;)

  2. I've started making some of the ideas! Keep an eye out :)


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