Thursday, 10 November 2011

Freelancing Day 2.

Bit of a faff with emails again am (this seriously reduces the amount of work I can do for them, but there's nothing really that can be done about it)

So, work.

Job 1
Organisation Chart

Same as last week, except this time all the names were Norwegian, so that added an extra little challenge! It's hard to add accented characters when the font is missing so you can't get the glyphs, so I had to copy and paste from the internet :S worked out well though!

Job 2

This as just a quick job to recreate a poster that they have in Illustrator and put it into InDesign. They didn't have the Illustrator file though, just a PDF, so I actually had to resize the image and re-write all the text.

Job 3
Three Peaks Challenge Poster

For this poster I had a bit more artistic license - they didn't want anything corporate, they wanted it fun and colourful. I created some mountains in Illustrator, and they provided the image of the little girl. Unfortunately due to the email faff at the start of the day and only working a half day anyway because of having to go to the job centre this afternoon, I didn't get to develop this as much as I'd have liked to. I know if I had a lot of time to spend on this I'd be able to come up with a much more developed idea than what I have so far, but this isn't like uni where it's all up to me, clients have deadlines! Haha this is all good practice though for increasing the speed at which I can come up with a design.

As always I like to come up with several variations of a design. These are the ones I sent over:

Of course I also had this to contend with:

Yes there are 2 dogs on my lap. No it was not comfortable.

I'm doing a couple of hours for them tomorrow morning as well. I think I'll suggest next time that they send all the jobs over first thing, then I can be working on other ones while they're looking at them. Seems like a much more effective use of time!


  1. Hey Hannah, i saw your comment on my blog and thankyou so much for making my day. :) really happy i was able to inspire you :) Hope ur having a lovely day sweetie :)


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