Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm a Freelancer Graphic Designer Today!

Today's the day to prove myself! I'm working for my dad's company (not for him though, that'd be too easy!) doing some freelance design work, and if they like what I do I may be taken on for more regular work. Exciting stuff.

I don't start 'til 9 (it's 10 to 8) but I'm working from home so I've been sorting out my desk a bit so I've got some space! It's been covered in bunting and other such things for my Folksy shop for the last few days but I don't like working in clutter (so I've moved it all onto my chest of drawers! haha)

Ok it's still quite cluttered but it's better than it was!

I don't really know what to expect. They said I'd be using InDesign, which I'm good with so that's not a problem. There was also a bit of an issue with pay which hasn't been sorted out but hopefully will, but it's good experience all the same so it doesn't matter too much.

Also, my brother has referred me at his work and gave my CV directly to the manager of the department I could be working in, so that's good and he said as long as I don't mess up the interview it should be a guaranteed job! Result. Just got to learn exactly what the company does now....lol jokes I do know. A bit. But not really :S

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