Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Quick Update.

So still no job, but lots of possibilities on the horizon :)

I've got another [half] day of freelance work for Balfour Beatty tomorrow, then the job centre (joy), then on friday I'm going to London for a meeting about joining something called the Visual Taste Collective (more info here. Although I also saw this advertised on Gumtree and for that it's a competition to win a part by answering a brief, but the Graphic Design role I applied for isn't listed there so I don't really know what's going on there, but it would be a really great project to be involved with) Anyway, carrying on...I've got an interview/registration event for Royal Mail on tuesday (plus I had another agency recruiting for similar jobs ring up to arrange an interview, had to tell them I've already got an interview!), I had a timed assessment for my brother's company the other day and they told him I'd done pretty well at that, so hopefully that means I'll get an interview :) and I met with a recruitment agency today and they were telling me about a job at this company that makes the packaging for food, who are always looking for people competent on a mac so I might stand a good chance there :)

So pretty much months and months of nothing, and now it all seems to be happening at once! That's not to say I'll get any of that (except the freelance work) but if I did I'll be happy to work several jobs for a while! Save up while I can, just in case I end up in this horrible unemployed situation again!

My aunt, who lives in Bournemouth, told me about a friend of hers who runs a graphic design company and is looking to take on a graduate, so if I'm happy to move away to work she'll arrange a meeting. Like, oh my god! I'd definitely move away from home (it's really about time I did this anyway) for the right opportunity, if it meant I could be working as a designer it would be perfect! Plus Bournemouth is lovely (well it'd actually be Christchurch but close enough) and pretty much all my mum and dad's families live around that area so it's not like I wouldn't know anyone :)

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