Saturday, 26 November 2011

Crafts and Christmas Shopping.

Busy weekend so far! I met with Tom from Action for Family Carers this morning, went through my poster ideas. He really liked the designs, just a few little tweaks now before handing them over :)

My grandparents are here to stay for the weekend, the boys went the football (loyal Norwich supporters!) while me, mum, my sister Sophie and my gran, who we call Gar, went to Altons Garden Centre. After a yummy, yummy lunch we went for a look round the christmas shop, and ended up spending over an hour there! Oops. We go every year though and it just gets better and better (and bigger and bigger!) I took a load of photos there on my SuperHeadz Blue Ribbon Camera, so I don't have much to show now.

This little display was so, so beautiful though that I had to share it (excuse the rubbish quality of my phone camera :S it really doesn't do it justice) I'm going to recreate the tree idea below for our front porch; a branch spray painted white, but with lights wrapped round it and a little owl decoration I have hanging off it. We have a strict gold colour scheme for the main tree and decorations, so it's hard to be creative with, but we're going to hand make some decorations out of fir cones and cinnamon sticks and the like, so it'll have more of an earthy feel. We're also getting a real tree for the first time in well over 10 years, so I'm really excited for that!

Of course I had to buy something!
I have a bit of a key obsession, so this little decoration was perfect!

I also got this ice cream shaped decoration. I think it's so amazing, but it's made completely of glass so I'm really scared to do anything with it! Haha plus I don't exactly have anywhere to put it anyway :S The crafty things I keep making are taking up all remaining space in my room!

So, moving onto what I've made today:
 This was meant to look like a russian doll, but it didn't really work too well :S still kinda cute though, but I need to work on getting the shape right and mix up the pattern a bit.

I also made this super cute gingerbread man decoration, out of card and cross stitching. Definitely going to have to find somewhere to put it this christmas!

Another project that's in development, from an idea in the Christmas Craft book my mum got. Just need to dig out some string to finish it off.

Finally, I have so many films building up now :s really need to get into town to get them developed. My SuperHeadz camera (after today) only has about 2 photos left on the film so that'll be done soon (the ones with 'B' on the lid are also from this camera, it's been used a lot recently!) my Juicebox Camera also only has a couple of photos left, and that'll be the first print since I got the camera, so I'm really excited to see how that turns out!

I'm going to a car boot sale tomorrow for like the first time ever, so no doubt I'll use up the films there!


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog... its fantastic! im now a follower and I see your a Graphic Designer. I aspire to be one too,although im told its hard to break into the design industry. I love photography as well =)

    My blog:

  2. Hi Emily :)
    Thank you so, so much! I love when new people find my blog!

    It is incredibly difficult to break into (I'm still not quite there) but the key is to stick at it, always working on your portfolio and looking for opportunities.

    I'll go check out your blog now :)

  3. I love the gingerbread garland! Very cute :)

  4. Yeah, except I've no made it and have nowhere to put it! I'll have to work it into our Christmas decorations somehow :S

  5. Hi Hannah,

    Thank-you for your advice/guidance, and for being my first follower, it made my day (!)



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