Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fog, Interviews, Craft and Charity :)

A couple of things from today:

Firstly, I had yet another job interview. I thought it went really well though, I had a good chat with the guy interviewing, we seemed to communicate pretty well and I actually had some relevant experience and I think I sold myself well. So fingers crossed I get called back for a second interview! (Although we were talking for a whole hour today and I thought we'd covered everything so I don't know what else there is to fill a second interview, but we'll see)

Secondly, the fog today was amazing! I love fog, it makes everything look so mysterious and spooky. Plus the dew on the spiderwebs in my garden first thing looked like little diamonds :)

Fog through the window

Of course sticking with my love of all things forest, I drove to some local woodland (look how small my car looks compared to the trees below, amazing) and took some photos. The fog was a little clearer here though than it looked across countryside landscape so you can't really see how thick it was in these shots.

I also found some time to start exploring some of the crafty things I want to do. I did another embroidered quote to hopefully be sold in my Folksy shop.

Credit to The Unbroken Thread, I based this heart on one seen on their blog.

I've framed the embroidery, but I want to paint the frame cream and distress it a bit before listing it for sale.

I also tried out the little felt owl idea from the book my mum bought, Christmas Crafting in No Time' by Clare Youngs. It was pretty time consuming but I love this little fella! I won't be selling him because it wasn't my original idea, but I may use him to inspire some other ideas which I will be able to sell :)

Tomorrow I'm doing some voluntary design work for a charity based in Maldon, designing some posters for the annual Christmas Fair, "Make Maldon Magical", which I'm pretty excited about :) so I really need to get to bed now so I can get up early to come up with some ideas before heading over to the charity's offices to meet with some guy called Tom who is going to brief me on exactly what they want.

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  1. Everything seems mysterious indeed. I love that fog which reveals the movie-where-have-just-spent-a-crime's atmosphere:)


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