Friday, 25 November 2011

Graduation Planning.

So my graduation is on December 5th, at the Barbican Centre. My mum took me shopping the other day to find something to wear under my graduation robes. Ede & Ravenscroft say you should wear a white blouse with corresponding business attire. Erm, boring! I'm not doing that! I'm not a fashion blogger by any means, nor do I really know anything about fashion, but I had no idea what to wear to graduation, so maybe I'll inspire someone else with this post! Ha or if you have any feedback on my chosen outfit, that'd be great :)

I got this Structured Sleeveless Skater Dress from Topshop (my mum bought it for me, then I had to go to the jobcentre with the bag, felt a bit guilty :S) I got it in an almost navy colour, but for some reason it's not available on the website in that shade. I thought about getting a shirt to wear under it (apparently the collar is good for holding the gown in place, and I need some sleeves) but I couldn't find anything appropriate, so I'm going with a cream cardigan I borrowed from my mum.

Me and mum also had a bit of a disagreement over shoes. I'm like 5'7/8" so I don't wear heels, like, ever. I was trying to convince mum that I can get some smart flats but she wouldn't accept that, she says I needed at least a little heel. Her definition of a little heel is very different from my definition. So as to avoid her killing me in frustration, I went to Lakeside with my friend Jo, and we looked for shoes. There wasn't much in a nude colour with a small heel, but we eventually found these Low Block Heel / Patent Dolly Shoes from Next. The thing is, me and mum had looked in 3 different Nexts and didn't find anything, so I was surprised that that's where we found them! The heel is a manageable height, and because they're blocky I won't have issues falling over! Haha.

As an alternative to wearing a shirt, I'm going to pin the robe to my dress (it's thick enough to not damage it) with this brooch, which I bought the other day from a christmas craft fair. It's made from a real piece of egg shell!

I will be using this clutch bag, which is also from Topshop, but from a couple of years ago.

I also got some make up to match; I got this Nerd Nail Polish and Lipgloss, both from H&M.

So that's my outfit! I'm actually quite excited for graduation now! Well, except the fact that I'm not working as a graphic designer yet, but at least I'm doing some freelance and voluntary graphic design work, and I've got a temp xmas job at Royal Mail starting the day after graduation (nights 10pm-6am! Aah!) and I got another job offer today, doing financial administration, starting in january :)

I'm also being taken to The Bull Gastro Pub & Willow Room in Great Totham for dinner :) nom nom nom.


  1. Looks like a very co-ordinated outfit!

  2. Yeah, until I put the black and purple gown on top! That's definitely not going to go :S


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